About Us

A-V-A Video Productions began in 1980 doing multi-projector slide shows and video shoots for corporate sales meetings. We serviced Fortune 500 corporations and traveled the country for clients such as Microsoft, Allstate Insurance, S.C. Johnson and Co., Cook Medical, The Disney Corp., and many others. As the technology changed, A-V-A changed with it and switched exclusively to all video productions in 1995. Begining with Betacam SP video formats and A/B roll linear editing, we've seen the industry change from analog to all digital and from standard definition to Ultra HD 4K and beyond. Computerized editing systems and graphic effects are the norm and the term "video-tape" has long been retired. The transition to the digital world has allowed us to create programs and images that just a few years ago would have been impossible at any price. Now we create beautiful cinematic looks that rival any Hollywood production. You get more today for your production dollar than ever before.

Video Production Indianapolis Indiana